WP Themes : 20 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Theme (Free & Premium)

​WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform to create SEO friendly website. It is easy to use and provides tons of customization. Anyone having zero knowledge of coding can make a website with this platform. Also, it helps you optimize your website to rank higher on Google.

However, it will help only when you have the best SEO friendly WordPress theme. When people create website with WordPress, the first question people ask is what theme they should use. It is because you will find thousands of themes for WordPress website, finding the best one might be confusing.

Best SEO friendly WordPress theme

That is why we have come up with 20 best themes for WordPress SEO where 10 is paid, and 10 is free. You can choose any of them based on quality and preferences.

Best ​SEO ​Friendly WordPress Theme (Premium) 


DIVI WP Themes

If you have basic knowledge about WordPress themes, you may have heard about this theme. That is very normal because DIVI is one of the most popular themes for WordPress and SEO. If you are looking for a theme that will ensure your presence on search engines result pages and at the same time, a theme that offers lots of customization and pre-built content, DIVI is surely the best option for you.

With this theme and its pre-built packs, you can customize or design your site like any imaginable site you want. If you do not want to put even that much drag and drop effort, there are some popular website templates that you can use to make your website search engine optimized.

You will have a DIVI page builder as well, with which you can easily create different style pages with simple drag and drop features. No matter you are a beginner or expert, you will always find it helpful and create different a wide range of content with it to make your content SEO optimized. It is responsive as well so that it looks good on mobile and computer. Also, this site takes less time to load, which makes it even more optimized.

2. SEO crawler

SEO crawler Premium WordPress Themes

When anyone creates the list of the best SEO friendly WordPress theme, SEO crawler will be there for sure. It is a highly customizable theme that helps you create an amazing site from scratch and optimize for search engine optimization. You will find three fully customized websites demo from which you can easily pick any demo and make your website looks like that without knowing any code.

If you are not happy with the demo, you can make your own style thanks to its GoodLayers drag-and-drop page. You can easily and quickly drag and drop any elements to give your content and site a unique look and make it optimized for search engines.

Other than that, there are many SEO tools available there, including classic heading styles, Google font integration, portfolio layouts, and theme settings. Your site should be responsive in order to load faster and look user friendly in computer and mobile. This theme offers you that responsiveness to make it mobile optimized to make the search engines happy.

Besides, this theme is compatible with almost all the popular SEO plugins so that you can even do more optimization. So overall, this can be a real good option if you want a good look and lots more.

3. ​Genesis - WP Framework & Theme

Genesis - WP Theme

Genesis is the popular name of the SEO marketer. It is not a theme; instead, it is a theme framework. That means you will find several child themes out there that will help you create an amazing site. However, these child themes are not what make it popular to marketers.

Then what makes it that popular? Well, simply its SEO friendliness. This theme is surely one of the top SEO friendly WordPress themes in the market right now. It comes with an amazing responsive design that you might not find in other themes.

At the same time, it offers faster loading time. Maybe you know fast loading speed is one of the main ranking factors for Google. Also, this framework ensures a user friendly and clean user interface that people will like. To rank higher in Google, you need to make people happy with your design. That is what this framework is offering to you.

So overall, you may not find thousands of features in this framework; however, you will get all the things you need to make your site user friendly and optimized for search engines.

4. X - WP Theme

X - WP Theme

X is a relatively new theme compare to other themes in this list of best SEO friendly WordPress theme. After the re-release last year, this theme has become so popular among the marketer because of its so many features and benefits to rank higher on search result pages.

You will have dozens of premium plugins that are designed and developed by the X theme to ensure the seamless operation of your theme. It allows you to choose the necessary features only and remove all the unnecessary features to make sure there is nothing unnecessary in your website.

As a result, you get the fastest loading speed, which is important for ranking higher. Besides, it uses semantic HTML5 markup, clean code, and lots of other features to make the site user friendly and fresh, so people do not leave early, and thus it reduces the bounce rate of your site to rank higher. So if you want to ensure the SEO-friendliness of your website, this theme can be a good option for you.

5. The7 - Premium WordPress Theme

The7 -WordPress Theme

The7 is another excellent multi-purpose feature-packed theme that ensures SEO friendliness of your website to help you rank higher on Google. In this theme, you will not have many appearance options to choose from. You will have only two design modes.

However, these two options offer a lot of high quality and in-depth customizations to allow you to design your site smoothly as you want. Along with the flexible design option, this one comes with many useful tools to assist you in designing your website and making it user-friendly.

You will get Visual Composer page builder integration tool, multiple premium plugins for the content slider, multilingual readiness, and a wide collection of the pre-built page layout to make a classic looking SEO friendly website. With all these features, it will be responsive to rank higher on Google and also reduce the bounce rate as well.

6. Astra


Astra is a beautiful, good looking, and SEO friendly theme that can be used for blogs, websites, businesses, and other purposes. It is a highly customizable theme through which you can give your website a unique look with a few clicks. Customizing is easier than you think in the Astra theme. You will have multiple layouts to choose from and make a good website, blog, and online shop.

It is Woocommerce friendly as well. One of the best features of this theme is that it is compatible with most of the page builder and visual composer. What it means is that you can use any of the page builder or visual composer to make even a better-looking website.

700+ Google fonts are there so that you can easily pick any font for your site. Besides, it is faster than most of the other themes in the market. It is responsive and user-friendly, too, that will help you achieve a higher rank on search result pages.

7. Newspaper

Newspaper | The Best News Magazine WordPress Theme by tagDiv

If you own a news blog and looking for a SEO friendly theme, then you should not look further but the newspaper theme. This is one of the most popular themes at ThemeForest and in the market right now. It comes with an eye-catching design that is perfect for starting a new news blog, magazine, or publishing task.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the newspaper theme is its easy to use managing option and SEO-friendliness. You will have 20 representational demos to choose from to design your website. At the same time, to create amazing stories for your news blog, this theme offers 14 different post templates as well.

Other than that, you can make it more user-friendly with its auto video play facilities, drag and drop gallery, and, most importantly, Woo-commerce support. That means you will get all the things you can expect from a news blog theme to make your site SEO friendly.

8. Salient

Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Preview - ThemeForest

If you are looking for a simple theme that does not have hundreds of templates yet offers all the features you need to make your site looks classic and SEO friendly, then Salient can be an impressive option for you. It comes with an inbuilt visual composer that lets you set the layout however you want.

With this visual composer, you can almost create any design you imagine. This is not the end. It is a Child theme ready to use child themes as well. You can use different translations with this theme to make your site for multiple languages.

The theme is perfectly SEO optimized with its responsiveness and simple user interface. Even you get the WooCommerce support as well, along with Shortcode generator and Infinite scroll support. So all in all, this can be a simple yet impressive choice to make an eye-pleasing site to rank higher on search results.

9. MF - WP Theme

MF - Multipurpose WordPress Theme by mfdsgn

MF is a multi-purpose theme that comes into the market to let you build classic and beautiful websites. It offers dynamic designs and different layouts through which you can easily make a good and simple website. This is not the end. It features backend options that enable you to customize your site as you want as well.

This amazing theme is compatible with WooCommerce, WPML, and other add-ons. That means no matter what your business type is, you can create and design your website with this theme. Even it has 2500+ Google fonts as well as 12 blog layouts that let you choose from based on your requirement.

When it comes to SEO friendliness, there are very few themes that can compete with this one. One common feature is responsiveness. Besides, you will have cross-browser compatibility that plays an important role in your optimization for search engines. Also, the overall theme is fast and SEO optimized.

10. Vitrine

Best SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

If you have a business and are looking for a WooCommerce theme, Vitrine can be an ideal option for you. It is a specialized SEO friendly WooCommerce theme that allows users to create multiple e-commerce websites. It comes with multiple homepage layouts to choose from to create a fast loading and good looking website with a few touch.

Besides, if you want more customization, it offers a visual composer. You can customize and create an amazing website as you want without having any knowledge of coding. It enables you to create an online store with all the features you need easily.

Also, it offers 2500+ Google fonts and 12 blog layouts to make the site more dynamic and SEO friendly. The theme is SEO optimized itself. Moreover, it is responsive and fast loading as well that improves your ranking on Google search results.

Best SEO ​Friendly WordPress ​Theme (Free)

All of the above themes are paid themes, and in order to get all the important features, you need to purchase the theme. If you do not have that budget and still want to make a SEO friendly website, you can have a look at the best free SEO-friendly WordPress theme below.

1. Zakra

Zakra - Free WP Theme

Zakra is one of the most popular free SEO friendly WordPress themes in the market. It features 10+ free starter site templates with which you can easily create an amazing professional looking websites or blog. One of the most important features of this theme is its clean code. For this clean code, it takes less time to load, and it improves the user experience.

Other than that, it is responsive as well, and you can customize the site as you want with the Gutenberg. Another great thing about this theme is that it is compatible with most of the web browsers. 7+ widget areas are there to add even more customization.

This is not the end at all. This theme is translation ready, which means no matter what language you prefer to make your website, you can do it, and also, you can create sites with multiple languages. So overall, this might be a free theme for sure, but you will get a lot of premium features available in it.

Download ​Zakra Theme From WordPress.org

​2. VT Blogging

VT Blogging - WordPress theme

If you need a clear and fresh theme for blogging, VT blogging can be an ideal option for you. Also, you can use it for news, magazine, and website. It allows you to do the best SEO practices to rank you higher on search results. One of the best features of this theme is that it is responsive. That means it will look amazing on desktop, mobile, and other devices.

Other than that, it supports almost all the free and premium plugins necessary for SEO. Even this theme is translation ready to allow you to make your site in different languages. You will have a clear and simple layout that makes your site user friendly. To make your site even more customized, it offers widgets as well. So overall, it can be a good choice as a free theme.

Download ​​VT blogging Theme From WordPress.org

3. ColorMag

ColorMag - WordPress theme

When it comes to the best SEO friendly WordPress theme, you have to mention the name of colormag. It is one of the most popular free WordPress themes in the market. You can use this theme for magazine, newspaper, or blogging. Why should you use this theme? What is special about this theme?

Well, one common reason is that it is SEO-friendly and responsive. At the same time, it follows the best SEO practices so that your site gets a higher ranking on SERP. Other than that, this theme comes with a clear code that allows it to load faster and make the user experience better. You can select different colors for the theme to make the theme even more user friendly.

It features 5+ widgets in 15+ areas for the widget to allow more customization. Even you can write custom CSS to make the theme as you like. If you are not interested in customizing it a lot, it offers a demo that enables you to make your site with a few clicks. This theme is WooCommerce compatible and translation ready as well. That means you are getting almost everything anyone can expect from a free theme.

Download ​​​​Color​Mag Theme From WordPress.org

4. eStore - WP theme for E-commerce

eStore - Best Free WordPress Theme

When it comes to an e-commerce website, everyone thinks about paid themes, right? However, eStore changes the concept of that. Now you can create a SEO friendly e-commerce website with this amazing theme. This theme is designed for the WooCommerce website, especially. So what are the functions you can get from this free theme?

Well, it is completely responsive and SEO friendly. This is not the end. It offers an advertisement space to use for any advertisement or sponsor. Other than that, it offers 12+ custom widgets and 10+ widget areas with which you can easily create a sidebar to highlight your product for even more sales.

This theme is completely translation-ready that ensure you to do business in more country simultaneously. It comes with a demo template that allows you to create an amazing e-commerce website with a few clicks from scratch. So if you do not want to invest a lot of money to make an e-commerce website, this theme can be an ideal option for you.

Download ​​​​​eStore Theme From WordPress.org

5. ​Minamaze - Free Wp Theme

Minamaze - WordPress theme Free

Min​amaze is an attractive easy to use the theme. With this theme, you can create a professional like blog and website easily from scratch. This theme comes with minimal design so it can load faster and provide a good user experience. Besides, it is responsive as well, so it shows well on any devices.

It is SEO friendly with its optimized layout and code. Even it is optimized for large HD screens as well, so none of your pictures get blur. You can have theme options that enable you to customize the theme as you want. It also consists of 10 widgets for additional customization. With all these benefits, you can use this theme for any websites.

Download ​​​​​​MinaMaze Theme From WordPress.org

6. Cenote


If you are looking for a classic and fresh-looking free theme for your websites to make it SEO friendly, you should consider the Cenote theme. This theme is perfect for a fashion blog, personal blog, travel blog, and so on. Unlike most of the free themes, this one offers a lot of customization and options to choose from and make your site amazing.

One of the best features of this theme is its multiple demos. You will have three demos to choose from to test your websites. Also, there are different header layouts to customize the website. Even you can choose any color you want to give a brand look of your site. Breadcrumb, post slider, and standard fonts are some other common features of this theme.

Like any premium theme, this theme is translation ready, meaning that you can make your site ready in any language. Widget areas are available as well to allow you more customization. All in all, this can be a classic choice for classic people. It will deliver you a SEO friendly website to rank higher on Google.

Download ​​​​​​​Cenote Theme From WordPress.org

7. Bento


If you ask me about the best SEO friendly WordPress theme for free, I will suggest you consider the Bento theme. It is an extremely powerful and SEO friendly WordPress theme you can have to make your next website. Since the theme is fully responsive, it will fit any device’s screen smoothly.

Like any premium theme, you can use the drag and drop page builder for easy page building. You might not find any free WordPress theme that offers this facility. Even you can add color to any element without knowing the code. For more SEO friendliness, this one comes with faster loading speed.

Starting an online business with this theme is extremely easy since it is WooCommerce supported. Other than that, you will have lots of customization options to choose from to make your site as you imagine. So when looking for the best SEO friendly free WordPress theme, this one should be considered.

Download ​​​​​​​​Bento Theme From WordPress.org

8. Flash


Flash is the simplest and easiest free SEO friendly WordPress theme you can use to make a website. This theme is code optimized that will help you get a higher rank on search engines. With its proper code optimization, it offers you a fast loading speed to ensure better user experience for better ranking.

Unlike many free themes, this one offers a lot of customization of giving a unique look at your website. Talking about customization, it comes with 4 layouts and 3 menu options to choose for. You can choose any color for your website as well with a real-time preview.

It features widget areas as well as widget options for you to do even more customization. Even you can add CSS code to give any look you want for your site. This theme is WooCommerce supported and translator ready. That means you can use it to make a site in any language and for creating an e-commerce shop too.

Download ​​​​​​​​​Flash Theme From WordPress.org

9. SEOBoost

Seoboost - WordPress theme

SEOBoost is another great free yet SEO friendly theme. It comes with a simple and clean look for a good user experience. The theme is designed to make the user experience better and optimize the site for search engines. That is why it offers a faster loading speed to send SEO signals to then search engines for a higher rank and better audience retention.

This theme is simple and easy to use for sure. However, it offers a lot of customization options to give a unique look to your website. You will have a color option to choose from for your website. Also, it comes with a clean layout along with straight typography.

Other than that, this theme has a responsive framework, meaning that your website will fit on any screen. Even it is compatible with all the browsers as well, so none of your users have a bad experience with your website. So if you want to ensure a good user-friendly website, this theme can really help.

Download ​​​​​​​​​Flash Theme From WordPress.org

10. OnePress


Up next is OnePress, which is surely one of the best SEO friendly themes for WordPress. This theme is a perfect option for business, freelancers, product showcase, and many more. Like any other theme in this list, it features a responsive design so it can fit in any device. Also, it offers fast page loading too for SEO boost.

There is a page template option for you for easy website making. You will get a built-in customizer so that you can give a dynamic look to your website. Also, it has custom content blocks that let you showcase your products or service with ease. You have the widget for more customization as well.

To make your site in different languages, you can use this theme as this theme is translation ready. So with all the amazing features, this theme can be a real good option for one who has been looking for a classic-looking theme.

Download ​​​​​​​​​​OnePress Theme From WordPress.org


So we have reviewed the best SEO friendly WordPress theme with some premium and free themes. Most of the themes are excellent and come with SEO friendly optimization to help you rank your site higher on the search result page. You know, without a good theme, you cannot achieve a good rank, and without a good rank, you cannot get more visitors or sales.

So it is really important for you to choose the best SEO friendly theme for your WordPress website. Since we have reviewed some free and paid themes, you can choose any based on your demand and capacity. No matter you choose a free theme or paid, make sure it is SEO friendly and can help you rank higher for the best profit. Keep In touch With Sernukers for more update 

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