​What is Directory Submission?

A Directory in common terms is a storage or a container where one can note down information as a whole compilation. They are insertions of information based on different categories in different fields as per their suitability.

Similarly, A Web Directory is a structured collection of links to various websites on the World Wide Web. They are also called link directories. They organize the links according to the belonging categories and subcategories. The record may also contain the website name as well as the content description. The idea of these kinds of directories moves farther before the search engines like Google were coded. The internet users had to visit the directories to find data. They would directly search the directories offered as the source for the info needed.

The web directories that contain the entry of the whole particular website contain deep links inside as well.  However, a person may examine the internet for what they are seeking in two separate ways, browsing or searching. Web directories are more concerned about browsing by presenting a well-organized list. Some link directories combine both the operations aiding the search engines access to the directory. But these are usually built manually- by human editors rather than search engine crawlers. These links are evaluated by the editors. This difference between browsing and searching can be understood here.

Directory Submission is a splendid technique of Off-Page SEO where the website owners submit the URLs of their pages or the whole website to the web directories. This helps in developing quality backlinks pointing at their content, eventually leading to the traffic desired. The URL submitted are kept under sections and sub-sections depending on the subject or genre. Some of the directory submission websites provide free services while some have to be paid for.

A few popular ones are Google My Business, About Us, Bolgrom, etc.

Now let's find out why is directory submission important?

Directory Submission Site List
  • Backlinks: Website backlinks are raised by enrolling under web directories.
  • Anchor Text: The labeled links known as anchor texts are used by these as clickable links to the website, This increases the website's popularity.
  • Continual Linking: It lets the pages win their permanent links on other websites that remain there for an unlimited time, especially when paid for.
  • Organized Index: Since all the information listed is manually structured and reviewed by the editors. The indexing is quite impressive for the search engines.
  • Keyword Linking: It helps in connecting quality backlinks to the aspired keywords.
  • Website Promotion: The backlinks generated are straight from the directory itself, so it intensifies the business promotion.
  • Relevance: The linked sources are relevant as they have been reviewed by the editors.
  • Massive traffic: It clearly prooves how immense traffic from well-known directory indexes could be pointing at your website. 
  • No Follow Backlinks: Along with the increased traffic, directory submissions serve in producing good quality no follow backlinks.
  • Faster Indexing: By sharing indexing data with the search engines, it makes it simpler for them to discover the pages by crawling and indexing their own searches.
  • Higher Link Prevalence: Directory submission listings produce two more links for the approved blogs: contextual category link and unique directory listing link leading to popularity.
  • Progressive Page Rank: Google search rank is estimated by using Google algorithm, where quality directories are used.
  • Publicity Through Social Media: With advancing technology, most directory submission websites allow links to be shared on social media through the options available.
  • Branding: Through better exposure, you can avail of a good possibility of branding. Brands are habitually favored by search engines as well as the audience.

There are numerous types of directory submissions based on different criteria, such as time taken for approval of blog, method of submission, and submission type:

Types Of Directory Submission Site

1. Instant Approve Directory Submission: This is the type that approves the business instantly.

2. Free Directory Submission Listing: These offer submission without any charge. However, approval is not assured any time soon.

3. High Authority Directory Submission: This type of directory submission could be paid, free or reciprocal. The advantage is in it having a high domain authority on the web.

4. Reciprocal Directory Listing: It demands the entry of a reciprocal link on your homepage after the submission in the directory. Once the link is checked to be present on your website, only then your business gets a place in the directory.

5. Paid Directory Submission: Payment is made to the directory administrator. It comes with its own benefits in terms of features and discoverability.

6. Affiliate Directory Listing: This kind of directory earns through the number of customers referred through the list for any website.

7. No Follow Directories: It is tricky to understand how one might succeed from listing in these lists while they are not looked up at by the search engines due to the attachment of the 'no follow' attribute on the link. It does affect the page ranking in all the ways.

8. Do Follow: These types of directories are best when one wants to boost their page rank and backlinks. They are usually highly authoritative.

9. Niche Directories: Niche directories focus on the categories. Mostly the general category directories divide the subjects specifically in genres for clarity. They include e-commerce, articles, blogs, Hosting, RSS feeds, SEO brands, and Web developers.

Method of Directory Submission

The steps for submission vary with the directory submission sites and their interfaces.

Before you move ahead, make sure to have your website URL, web address, contact details, and a short description of your blog.

Few common procedures have been explained here.

Method 1

​Step 1: Choose a directory listing provider with good domain authority.

Step 2: On the page, you will find a text box saying Submit / Submit Website / Submit Your Website / Add Website/ Submit your business, as per the infrastructure of the directory.

Step 3: Choose a type of subscription from the given options. The options vary as per the services provided: Free, Paid/Featured, or Reciprocal.

Step 4: Submit the URL & company detail.

Step 5: Wait for approval by receiving an email informing you about the approval.

​Method 2

​Step 1: Same as Step 1 of Method 1.

Step 2: Examine the category list for the most appropriate one from the vast list offered. Choose the category that suits the purpose of your business the most.

Step 3: Select the finalized category.

Step 4: Find the most suitable subcategory and click on it.

Step 5: Go further to add the URL and submit it.

Step 5: Enter the requested information by the directory website after the submission is over.

​Method 3

Step 1: Same as Step 1 of Method 1.

Step 2: Enter the main keyword in the box saying 'Title'.

Step 3: Enter the blog description

Step 4: Enroll the URL to be attached to the keyword entered above.

Step 5: Submit the ID belonging to your online business or any other official one for confirmation and further communication.

Step 6: In the case of authority/approval based directory sites, a verification email is sent to the entered ID. You have to click on the link provided by them for approval.

You see, there are various methods for the submission of the URLs that completely depend on their interface and requirements. They are not to be worried about since they are extremely user-friendly.

However, you need to remember a few things to prevent the submission from going wrong:

  • ​Do not be too casual about selecting the subcategory. Pick the one that suits best.
  • ​Do not go for the wrong category for your blog. It will draw undesired traffic rather than pulling potential customers. It affects the page ranking.
  • ​Before proceeding with the submission, search the directory list to make sure that another company does not share the same title as yours.
  • ​Spamming in the directory is indecency as it causes a lot of queries. It might result is the elimination of your URL from the list.
  • ​Recheck the details about to be submitted, especially the URLs and other links to be correct.
  • ​Try to avoid the listings with reciprocal banner links. They corrupt the SEO structure of the website.

Instant Approval Directory Submission Websites

​As the name says, Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites approve the submitted URLs in very less time or say, instantly, so that your website is discoverable immediately on the internet. However, to utilize these types of directories for optimizing the website for search engines, it is vital to gain a better domain authority in case of new websites.

In this type of directory submission, the owner of the blog can submit the business URL and other information spontaneously. There is no hassle created for the requirement of any kind of approval, unlike those directories that are run by authorities.

These kinds of inclusion lists could be paid or free with unlimited categories or a generalized structure. Apart from appearing instantly on the search engine results pages, the instant do follow submission directories assist in improving the page rank and generating top quality backlinks.

Some tips for this type of directory submission sites:

  • ​Make sure the title and descriptions include keywords related to the business blog.
  • ​Recheck for malicious malware or viruses.
  • ​Be specific about the website's category.
  • ​Review the attention and warning messages before submission.
  • ​Fill in extra details for future ease.
  • ​For new blog, the domain authority rank should be good.
  • ​Look for appropriate keywords to use using keyword research tools.

However, when web developers submit their sites for approval on instant approval directories, they have their own reasons to do so, here are a few:

  • ​The owners have an option to enroll either on a free directory or a paid one as per the benefits. The submission is usually free.
  • ​The indexing is fast, or more precisely- instant.
  • ​There are chances of indexing multiple pages in a short time for High DA websites.
  • ​Inbound links made help in easing the structure for searchers, leading to more visits on your pages.
  • ​Search engine rank gets improved, thus, more desired customers and benefits.

Before submission of your blog to instant approval directory submission sites, keep in mind the following:

  • ​The directory submission lists needs to be indexed. if the website is not indexed, there is no gain in enrolling in that directory. Apart from that, it should also be a preference for popular search engines.
  • ​There is freedom on the use of links which include desired keywords. Therefore, you must select the terms for titles, descriptions, domain, LSI keywords, name as well as the domain name wisely and use them accordingly.
  • ​Try making enrollment in more than one directory. Go for niche, regional, national, general, and more beneficial ones.
  • ​Do not completely depend on free instant approval directories. Focus on building connections through social media, blogging, and mentions in other pages along with it.

Here is a list of 10 Instant approval directory websites ( with their latest domain authority):

S/L Name Approval Authority URL
1 USA Listing Directory Yes/Free 56 www.usalistingdirectory.com
2 BOTID Yes/Free 54 www.botid.org
3 USGeo Yes/Free 46 www.usgeo.org
4 Alive Directory Yes/Free 47 www.alive-directory.com
5 Craig List Dir Yes/Free 44 www.craigslistdir.org
6 411 Free Directory Yes/Free 46 www.411freedirectory.com
7 Viesearch Yes/Free 60 www.viesearch.com
8 Gigablast Yes/Free 65 www.gigablast.com
9 Unique Listing Yes/Free 42 www.unique-listing.com
10 Interesting Dir Yes/Free 44 www.interesting-dir.com

​Free Directory Submission listing Sites

This kind of information listing is operated free of cost. No payment is required to be made for submitting the URLs. However, one cannot be sure of the approval by the directory editor, also it is time taking once the entry has been made.

Many directory submission sites allow free entry. People might be in a perplexity while considering free or paid submission concentrating on the cons of free websites. The truth is that these sites are remarkably authoritative along with low spam rates. The approval does take time, but one can benefit from installing entries in more than one of the free submission websites.

The guidelines to follow before submitting URLs in these types of directories are similar to instant approval directories. Still, it might take months to get approved. In that case, it is a better decision to go for paid directory submissions.

Here is a list of 10 free directory submission sites (with their page rank)​ 

S/L Name Approval PR URL
1 The Web Directory Yes/Free 3 http://www.the-web-directory.co.uk/
2 10 Directory Yes/Free 4 http://www.10directory.com
3 Gain Web Yes/Free 4 http://www.gainweb.org
4 Best Free Websites Net Yes/Free 3 http://www.bestfreewebsites.net
5 DirectoryFire Yes/Free 5 http://www.directoryfire.com
6 Master Moz Yes/Free 4 http://www.mastermoz.com
7 InfoListings Directory Yes/Free 6 http://www.info-listings.com
8 PR 3 Plus Yes/Free 3 http://www.pr3plus.com
9 PiSeries Yes/Free 4 http://www.piseries.com
10 Marketing Internet Directory Yes/Free 7 https://marketinginternetdirectory.com/

​High Authority Directory Submission Site

The directory administrators customarily charge a fee for accepting the entries for the addition of deep links. In about 24 hours, the link gets confirmed. The website owner is allowed to make the URL submission only when their website is approved by the authority. This type of listing provides subscriptions in packages to keep the URL enrolled in the index for a fixed term. The packages vary annually to lifetime. These are approval based directories, and the method of verification varies according to the activation mails and payments made. However, there are free extraordinary DA directories too. They are the most preferred when it comes to directory submissions when it comes to guaranteed approval of the website after submission.

All the websites are proposed in individual categories and their sub-parts with detailed information. High domain authority links are significant for creating free backlinks.

High authority directory submission sites provide its services as free, paid, or reciprocal type. The blog gets approved within a month when the details are given have been reviewed by the editors.

The difference in these three types of submission is that in free subscription, only the main URL can be entered for listing with unguaranteed and delayed approval time. However, paid DA submission broadens the services to enrolling even the individual pages on the website with multiple backlinks. The validation time depends on the type of subscription. The URL gets approved within a maximum of 2 days. Some different paid DA submissions listing provide additional features. But if you would examine the reciprocal type, it is none like either of the above. It asks for the addition of the link or the HTML description of your business in your website on the page's header for ads. The editors check it and approve the webpage on their list.

Below is a list of active High Authority Directory Submission websites

S/L Name Approval Authority URL
1 1 Webs Directory Yes/Free 63 https://www.1websdirectory.com/
2 Royal Link Up Yes/Free 74 https://www.royallinkup.com/
3 In City Life Yes/Free 54 https://www.incitylife.com/
4 Wall Classifieds Yes/Free 83 https://www.wallclassifieds.com/
5 MOZ Yes/Free 65 https://moz.com/
6 Spoke Yes/Free 74 http://www.spoke.com/
7 Best of the Web Yes/Free 66 https://botw.org/
8 About Us Yes/Free 83 https://aboutus.com/
9 Curlie Yes/Free 84 https://curlie.org/
10 Yelp Yes/Free 89 https://biz.yelp.com/


Directory submission has been the initial stage for search engines. Even if both are similar concepts, they are extremely different in the way they work. Directory submissions are said to be an old concept yet they help a lot when it comes to looking for categorized business requirements all around the world.

However, one must not completely depend on directory submission sites but also in generating their own links for accelerated promotion of their e-commerce.

The directory website concept has become so vast that they reflect a good income when it comes to a well-organized structure. In this trendy and internet-dependent world, web designers are coming up with improved real estate, healthcare, job, coupon, hotels, and all kinds of directories. Take examples of indeed, Yellow Pages, Google My Business, etc.

Stay safe and opt for relevance rather than quantity to boom your SEO.