Freelance Marketplaces : 15 Best freelance websites for beginners

Our world is giving birth to millions of people daily. As a result, they need jobs to survive. But is it easy to get jobs according to their demands all the time? Not at all. On the other hand, many people want to work independently. They want to be their own boss. That is why freelancing is becoming popular day-by-day.

Many newcomers don't know how to start. Therefore, they move from door to door to seek help. Besides, they search for freelance websites for beginners on the internet. But can they always come out successfully?

Listen to me. There is nothing to worry about. In this blog post, we are going to introduce you to the 15 best Freelance marketplaces in the world. Now you need not waste time and money to get perfect freelance jobs on the market. The marketplaces stated below are world-class and 100% legitimate. Both beginners and professionals can establish their businesses with the help of these best freelance platforms. Let's have a look:


Fiverr is a leading freelance marketplace and one of the best freelance websites for beginners, where every single job starts from $5. Matching with $5, it has been named Fiverr. If you want to find designers, web developers, photographers, video creators, marketers, and even writers, you can find here with ease! Unlike most others, anyone can be a seller on Fiverr. So here, you will get an opportunity to build up your business quickly.

But being a successful freelancer is not an easy task. Everywhere, you have to spend time, keep patience, and maintain honesty. Fiverr is a very safe marketplace. If you disturb or cheat anyone, Fiverr can ban you any time they want. And the payment method is 100% reliable. When a buyer pays money, it doesn't go straight to the Freelancer. Fiverr holds it until the buyer is delighted with the seller.

If you want to be a seller, firstly, you need to create a Gig. To do this, you have to sign up for free, set the gig up, and provide your service to the global audience. A related buyer will contact you, work for him, and finally, if your final delivery satisfies the buyer, you will be paid immediately. Surprisingly, Fiverr offers a variety of jobs for freelancers. Its categories are -

  • Graphics and design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing and translation
  • Video and animation
  • Music and audio
  • Programming and tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Sitemap



  • ​Every work starts from $5
  • Sign up is completely free
  • Has opportunities for the beginners
  • Payment method is excellent and safe
  • A very safe marketplace
  • ​Sometimes the account may be banned without verifying the complains properly


Upwork is one of the best freelance marketplaces in the world that is formerly known as Elance-oDesk. Upwork took the name in 2015 and is dominating the freelancing world with its high-quality service. This worldwide marketplace is exceptionally ideal for independent professionals and businesses. Here the two parties connect and cooperate remotely. This marketplace is situated in San Francisco and Santa Clara, California. Its full name is Upwork Global Inc.

Posting a job is completely free here. You need to tell freelancers about your project. Then Upwork will attach you to the top-quality business organizations all over the world. If everything is okay and you are fortunate with the Almighty's blessings, bids will come to you. After that, you will get high-class proposals within a day. Then you need to make a comparison among prior work, reviews, and bids. Take interviews depending on your preference and hire that fits you the best.

Collaboration is a bit easier here. You have to use Upwork to make video calls or chat, track projects, and share files from your mobile, laptop, or desktop. The payment method is also simple and secured. You can pay an hourly or fixed price, and for confirmation, Upwork will provide your invoices. Upwork is an ideal place to get more clients and run your business entirely. Here you will get the freedom of work on preferable projects. Honestly, it offers various kinds of jobs in hundreds of categories through different clients. Also, you will be paid high for great works. And the more you finish the task successfully, the more you get clients and new jobs. The categories of posts it offers are -

  • Web, Mobile & Software Dev
  • I.T. & Networking
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Design & Creative
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Legal
  • Admin Support
  • Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Accounting & Consulting



  • ​Extremely ideal for independent professionals and businesses
  • Posting a job is completely free here
  • Attach you to the top-quality business organizations all over the world
  • Collaboration is easy
  • Payment is secured
  • ​Does not have free access for all the country


​Among the best crowdsourcing websites, Freelancer is remarkable in Australia. In this platform, employers can offer jobs to freelancers, and through bidding, they generally compete with one another to qualify for those jobs. It was situated in 2009, and its headquarter is set-up in Sydney, Australia. After that, they have gradually established offices in Jakarta, Manila, Buenos Aires, London, and Vancouver.

Through this platform, employers and employees can quickly get each other. And employees have to compete in a competitive tender process. Those who satisfy the demands of the employers can get a job. To qualify for a post, you have to be a member of it first. Also, as an award, prize money is offered to the members to host and take part in contests by the platform.

Both the employers and freelancers need to develop profiles on the marketplace. Here they offer a series of accounts. These accounts are entirely free. But for professional subscriptions, you need to pay at least $5 monthly. The job categories Freelancer offers are -

  • Websites, I.T., and software
  • Mobile phones and computing,
  • Writing and content
  • Design, media, and architecture,
  • Data entry and admin,
  • Engineering and science,
  • Product sourcing and manufacturing,
  • Sales and marketing,
  • Freight, shipping, and transportation,
  • Business, accounting, human resources and legal,
  • Translation and language,
  • Local jobs and services



  • ​Offers a series of accounts
  • An excellent platform for outsourcing
  • Variety of job categories
  • Offers prize money for the employees
  • ​Need to pay for professional subscriptions


​99designs is a famous marketplace, especially for graphic designers and clients. It's a Melbourne, Australia based marketplace that connects the clients and graphic designers. It was established in 2008, and later, it has founded an office in Oakland, California, USA. Here you will have two ways to get designed - directly and with a contest.

As an employer, this platform helps you to find a designer having an extra-ordinary quality and skill. You will have the privilege to collaborate with the designers personally about your project. On the other hand, you can invite a community around the world and make a contest among the designers of that community. All of them will show you their designs, and in this way, you can pick up one who suits you the best!

99designs works based on three motos - brief, connect and collaborate. Firstly, you have to brief the designers to make them understand the design demands you require. Then the platform will connect you with the skilled and professional designers based on your brief. To do this, you need to disclose your brief in front of the whole design community of the platform.

Then the designers will provide their ideas, and finally, you have to select the best design. After that, you have to finalize your favorite design and begin to work together on your project. Through this collaboration process, you have to settle down the amount of payment you want to pay for the job. Surprisingly, it offers the following job categories for the freelancers -

  • Logo and identity
  • Web and app design
  • Business and advertising
  • Clothing and merchandise
  • Art and illustration
  • Packaging and level
  • Book and magazine



  • Safe working platform
  • Payment method is easy
  • Connects with the best designers
  • Collaboration method is helpful
  • Easy to find jobs
  • ​This marketplace is only for the graphic designers


Peopleperhour is another leading marketplace for freelancers. This one is a U.K. based online platform that offers business access to freelancers. You will get a variety of working categories here. This PPH is somewhat similar to Fiverr. Here a freelancer can list what they are going to provide for an hour. Clients will follow the same process as Fiverr to order. And surprisingly, like gigs on Fiverr, you can add perks here.

In this platform, you need to fill up their quick and easy form expressing the goal of your project. The more you include the details, the more it will attract the relevant freelancers. PPH has a top-class artificial intelligent system, and it works harder to match and contact the topmost freelancers for your work. Then the freelancers will come with their proposals. After reviewing the proposals, you can select the right one and pay a deposit to begin the work. When the employee completes the job, you can pay him through their secured payment method if you are satisfied.

You will get a variety of job categories here. They are -

  • Technology and programming
  • Writing & translation
  • Design, digital marketing
  • Videos and photos and image
  • Business, music, and audio
  • Marketing branding and sales
  • And social media



  • ​The form is easy to fill up
  • Top-class artificial intelligent system
  • Payment method is protected
  • Easy to find jobs
  • Contacting a freelancer is quick
  • ​The buyer needs to deposit advanced money is a well-known freelance marketplace. It was established in 1998 in Pittsburgh, and the headquarters are still there. It provides a variety of job opportunities for freelancers. The buyers come here, post jobs, and pick the right one among them. A platform is an ideal place for companies to find skilled workers for their commissioned work.

Fortunately, it's very easy to make a profile here. The profile will show the skills and experience level of a worker to the buyers. Then, the buyer will pick the one that suits him the best. Surprisingly, the platform posts a vast amount of jobs every day. They make contact between the seller and the buyer. They provide sufficient amounts of free applications. And finally, it takes a 9% commission from the clients.

The hiring procedure is effortless and straightforward here. To do this, an employer selects a worker according to their demand, makes a contract, and at last starts the work. The most important thing is that it saves time and ends a project faster. What's more - helps make long-term relationships between an employer and an employee. The job categories they provide are -

  • Programming & Development
  • Writing & Translation
  • Design & Art
  • Administrative & Secretarial
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business & Finance
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Legal



  • ​Creating a profile is too easy
  • Offers thousands of jobs daily
  • Helps to make contact with the freelancers and employers
  • The hiring process is easy here
  • ​Takes 9% commission from the clients


​Gengo is a freelance marketplace, especially for the translators only. Anyone having the required qualifications can apply for a translation job. But in this case, you have to specify your target language pair on which you want to work. Here getting jobs is easy; nevertheless, you have to go through the first-come, first-serve process. As a result, you have to claim or apply for your targeted jobs quickly. If you are a translator, you will get the job notifications via RSS reader or email.

This platform is 100% legal, and you must get high-class safety here. Generally, the translators often claim Japanese and Chinese, German and French, and English and Spanish pairs. Translators from all over the world can claim jobs here, and fortunately, this global platform serves you 24/7. That is why you can fix your own time and work wherever and whenever you want. Isn't it convenient enough for a translator like you? And the price is acceptable. For standard packages, you will get $.018 per character/$.03 per word. The categories you will have are -

  • Ecommerce
  • Travel, Leisure & Hospitality
  • Media, Publishing & Entertainment
  • Mobile & Video Games
  • Marketing, SEO & Advertising
  • Technology & Software
  • Business & Finance
  • Legal



  • ​100% legitimate marketplace
  • 100% safe
  • Handsome salary
  • Anyone with the required qualifications can claim jobs
  • First come first serve basis
  • ​This platform is only for the translators


MyGwork is an online marketplace founded by twin brothers Pierre Gaubert and Adrien. This site is only for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) organizations and professionals. This is a social networking and recruitment hub for the community. Its primary purpose is to promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace and beyond. This platform is a limited company and was founded in the U.K.

The target of MyGwork is to empower the LGBT+ community. This is the safest place for individual members, and they can connect with various employers, mentors, find jobs, and get professional news and events with ease. So the graduates, employers, professionals, and anybody from LGBT who believes in this platform can do business here. Indeed, myGwork has won many awards and is in the top 5 startups announced by the Greek Times. It has so many job categories. Some of them are -

  • Account and tax
  • Advertising
  • Banking and financial service
  • Biotechnology
  • Call centers
  • Capital market
  • Commercial and real estate
  • Computer hardware, software, and networking
  • Hospital and health care
  • Information service
  • And more



  • ​A great social networking and recruitment hub for LGBTs
  • Award-winning platform
  • Top 5 startups
  • Promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace and beyond
  • Easy to connect with each other
  • ​Mainly for the LGBT community


​FlexJobs is a subscription service and was established in 2007. It provides telecommuting, flexible, and part-time, and freelance jobs. This site is not a scam - 100% legitimate. You can do business here with confidence because the better business bureau has awarded it with an A+ rating. This platform is the best and biggest site for curated remote work.

This site ensures 100% safety as they monitor new gigs and research the jobs carefully. But you should keep in mind that it's not at all free even if you go through their freelance jobs regularly. You have to pay a certain amount to be a member of it. You will get 50+ job categories, such as entry-level to executive, part-time to full-time, and even remote to flexible jobs. And their trained team is working tirelessly 24/7 for you.

Moreover, FlexJobs tries to make you an expert so that you can cope with the jobs it provides. That is why you will get video introductions, expert skills tests, resume reviews, one-on-one career coaching, award-winning career content, job search checklists, and more! Fortunately, the platform offers 50+ job categories. Some of them are -

  • Accounting and finance
  • Administrative
  • Communication jobs
  • Computer and I.T.
  • Customer service jobs
  • Data entry jobs
  • Software development
  • Translation jobs
  • And more!



  • ​More than 50 job categories
  • 24/7 service from the researchers
  • 100% legal job site
  • Remote, part or full-time jobs
  • Provides supports to the job seekers
  • ​Needs to pay 1 month, 3 months, and 1-year basis fees/charges


​All the successful freelancers spend time and earn money with that. But when you spend unnecessary time finding jobs every week, it's nothing but missing revenue. To solve the problem, SolidGigs has come with numerous facilities. So you need not waste time finding the job hours after hours. You can get jobs very fast here. The platform has a number of experts who are always working hard to get you jobs. To do this, they go through various freelance job boards and send 2% of freelance gigs from various websites every week. That is why you will get job notifications automatically with the help of this platform.

Moreover, they filter the curated gig lists every week and get a huge amount of resources, including scripts, templates, interviews, courses, and other tools. They emphasize on searching for freelance jobs, pitch high profile clients, negotiate your rates, and thus, help you grow your freelance business.

You have to remember that client satisfaction is the key thing of any freelance business. But most of the freelancers don't know where to look for quality, actual clients, and job leads. They don't know how to pitch their services in a way that ensures them to win. And finally, they are unaware of how to convert their wishy-washy freelancing into a predictable business. For these reasons, many freelancers fail to reach their destination. Focusing on those problems, this SolidGigs has been established. And it always tries to introduce the freelancers to the right paths of success. It provides more facilities for freelancers. They are -

  • Updates hand-picked freelance jobs every day
  • Provides more than hundred-course lessons from experts in business and freelancing
  • Allows quick access to long-form interviews with six-figure freelancers
  • Provides downloadable tools, spreadsheets, templates, and scripts for the freelancers
  • Grant immediate access to new contents and features but takes no extra cost for that



  • ​Automatically sends freelance jobs to the members
  • Provides tools and other facilities for the job holders
  • Shows you the right path of success
  • Can get jobs fast
  • Payment method is safe and easy
  • ​Charges are fixed


If you have a higher level of experience and a nice portfolio, this CloudPeeps can be the best platform for you. This marketplace is more exclusive. That is why it is tough to join. But if you are qualified enough, it is easier to get a job here. The site especially focuses on general copywriting, social media, and marketing.

Its work is based on three things - list, match, and then hire. At first, the peeps know about you and your needs and then post a job. They search the community of peeps or receive hand-crafted proposals. Finally, connect and hire peeps to get started. Its job categories are -

  • Social
  • Content
  • Growth
  • Community
  • SEO
  • Paid ads
  • Admin
  • Public relations
  • Email
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Strategy



  • ​Experts can get jobs easily
  • 100% safe platform - no scam
  • Payment method is protected
  • Value the skills
  • ​Not good for the beginners


​Indeed is an American marketplace that provides worldwide job facilities for freelancers. It was established in November 2004. Its co-headquarters are Connecticut, Stamford, Texas, and Austin. It's a subsidiary of Recruit Co. Ltd, Japan. Also, it has numerous offices around the world. Indeed, a vertical search and single-topic search engine, is currently working in more than 60 countries and supports 28 languages. The performances and services are so world-class that it passed in October 2010, and has gained the prestige of the highest-traffic job platform in the USA.

The best side of Indeed is that it collects all the jobs from the internet and keeps them in one place. Jobs are easy to search here, and getting remote jobs is easier than others. This site is completely free. But it earns revenue by selling premium resume features and jobs posting both from the employers and companies hiring. The other benefits you will get from here are -

  • Collects jobs from thousands of websites, for example - company career pages, associations, staffing firms, job boards, etc.
  • Allows job seekers to apply directly
  • Offers resume posting and storage



  • Collects thousands of jobs and put in a place
  • Creating accounts needs no money
  • Easy to search jobs
  • Remote jobs are easier to get
  • ​For premium jobs, you need to pay the revenue

College Recruiter

College Recruiter is a unique marketplace for both students and beginners. If you need a part-time freelance job, you can browse this site without any hesitation. You will find a variety of beginner jobs from here according to your expertise, and gradually your experience level will be increased. In this way, you can build-up yourself for future work.

They will value you if you have honesty and integrity. As their mission is to connect students and recent graduates with great organizations, you can establish your business with ease. However, here they build-up great recruiter and candidate experiences. They have interactive media solutions. Their work is to connect grads and students to great careers. They think every recent graduate and student deserves an entry-level, internship, seasonal, or a part-time job. And they work keeping those in mind. You can get success from here if you have the following skills -

  • Honesty and integrity
  • A positive customer experience
  • Continuous improvement
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Enthusiastic, passionate, tenacious, and fun



  • ​Nice opportunities for students and beginners
  • From part-time to full - all jobs are there
  • Interactive media solutions are great
  • Payment method is simple but secured

  • ​Professionals may not keep pace with


ServiceScape is a great marketplace for graphic design, translating, editing, and writing. It was established in 2000 and has been a global platform for freelancers since then. Freelancers having a wide range of experience and skills can build their businesses quickly here. Surprisingly, they have successfully completed more than 259000 projects, with over 79,000 clients just using it.

For working with SMBs and startups, this platform has been a great freelance job website. If you have skills and experience, this one is the right place for you. Just spend some time here, apply to your favorite projects, and start working with your clients. The facilities it includes are -

  • Exterior - surrounding environment, parking, signage, exterior design, and landscape
  • Interior - layout, signage, equipment, decor, and interior design
  • Ambient conditions - lighting, temperature, and air quality



  • ​Provides a variety of opportunities
  • A great freelance job website
  • Values the skills and experiences
  • Great marketplace for professionals
  • Payment is protected

  • ​Hard to get jobs for the newcomers


This marketplace began its journey in 1995. At that time, it distributed email lists to friends full of local events in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1996, it began web-based service. Gradually, it developed other standard categories. In 2000, it spread all over U.S. cities. Surprisingly, now it is working in 70 countries with success.

It's a classified advertisements site. It has sections devoted to discussion forums, resumes, gigs, community service, services, items wanted, for sale, housing, and jobs. Its rest of the categories are -

  • Services and personals
  • Items for sale
  • Job postings
  • Housing
  • Community service
  • And more



  • ​Offer a variety of jobs
  • Good for advertisements
  • Most of the postings are free
  • Without a proper guideline, remote jobs sometimes can be hacked

The Conclusion

​The best freelance marketplaces we have already recommended you are the topmost platforms in the world. Getting jobs according to your skills and experiences is easier there. If you are a beginner with zero experience, you will get jobs like that. On the other hand, for professionals and experienced, there are also a variety of opportunities there. But in all cases, you have to be honest and sincere. Otherwise, you may fail to reach your destination.

If you ask me which marketplace is the most suitable one, I must tell you about This unique platform offers a variety of job categories. And this site is completely free. Therefore, you need not spend a single coin before starting your business. You have to create gigs according to your skills, Fiverr will publish them, and the employers will hire you after reviewing your profile. Isn't it convenient enough?

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