WordPress Plugins: 15 Best Free SEO Plugins You Need for WordPress Site

Search engines are the best way to get tons of traffic to your websites- only when your site is optimized correctly. However, if your site is not optimized, you should not expect to get traffic from search engines like Google. That is why optimized your site is extremely important

Now, let me ask you a simple question.

What have you done to make your WordPress website optimized for search engines?

If you haven’t done anything yet, it is time to do something. Or even if you have done something, it is time to improve too.


Well, though the best SEO plugins for WordPress. There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress that you can use to optimize your WordPress website properly.

So we have come up with some must-have WordPress plugins that can help you do search engine optimization properly.

Top 15 WordPress Plugins You Must Need

Yoast SEO WP Plugin

​Yoast SEO WP Plugin

Even if you are new in the SEO world, you have probably heard the name of this SEO plugin. It is surely the top of the best SEO plugins for WordPress list.

Why won’t it be?

​It offers almost all the solutions to your problem related to optimizing your website. Starting from the on-page SEO, it tells you what to do to optimize your posts and pages. With the help of this plugin, you can set Meta description, custom title tag, canonicals, and side tags. Not only that, but it also shows the checklists of what you need to do for on-page SEO and how well-optimized your on-page SEO is. As a result, you can be sure that you have done everything right.

Along with that, you will have a readability checker too to improve the readability of the content, though you should do it manually.

Having trouble creating site maps? This plugin will help you do that easily. You can verify your site to the webmaster tool easily with this plugin. So overall, if you are looking for the all on one SEO plugin, this is the one you need. 

Get Yoast Plugins on : WordPress.org or Yoast Official Site

Google XML sitemaps

Google XML sitemaps

​Google XML sitemaps is another great plugin you can use for your website SEO. It will help you direct the search engine bot to index your content.

Have you done anything to make sure your content has got indexed?

If not, you are not doing your SEO properly.

Yes, your content will get indexed for sure, but you should not wait that long and completely rely on the search engines, right?

When you have this plugin, a sitemaps will generate automatically, and search engines will index your website faster. Once you create a sitemaps and submit it to the webmaster tool, you do not need to do anything further. Your plugin will do everything for you whenever you publish any new page or post.

You will find different basic settings there for more customization. However, if you do not want any hassle, you can go with the default setting as well, and it will work fine.

Check the Plugin ​: WordPress.org

Broken link checker WP Plugin

​Broken link checker ​

​When you start growing your website, you create a lot of pages and posts. At the same time, you add a lot of inbound and outbound links necessary to improve your on-page SEO and user experience. However, when these links are broken, it impacts the user experience and SEO at the same time.

Even Google can penalize you for broken links. That is why it is really important for you to check broken links to your site. However, from this large amount of links, finding that specific broken link manually is impossible.

That is where a broken link checker comes in. It helps you to find out the broken links of your site so that you can easily solve the problem to make it better for users.

Not only that, but it also helps you simply edit, remove, or replace links with a few simple clicks.

Think about a situation when your user comes to your site, click the link you have referred, and find a broken link. Will your user be happy? Will he come back again to your site?

That means all the hard work you have put into bringing the visitor to your site will end in a vein. But this plugin helps you get rid of this problem with ease.

Check the Plugin ​: WordPress.org

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

​Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

​A lot of new marketers out there who take their business decision by guess. Are you one of those?

Or are you the person who uses Google Analytics to track all the data about your website and users?

No matter which person you are, you can use this plugin to improve your SEO easily. It is one of the most downloaded plugins for WordPress SEO.

If you are the first type who relies on the guess, this plugin will help you by letting you check form where your users are coming from, how they are behaving, what are your top content and many more. When you have these data, you can easily make better decisions to create even better content for your users.

Now, if you are the second type who uses the analytical tool may think that you have the Google Analytics tool, why you should use this plugin. Well, it will help you get all the analytical data without visiting the analytics tool. Instead, you can see all these in your WordPress dashboard, which will save you a lot of time.

The plugin is extremely easy to install and use. You can easily connect the analytics API to this tool and check all the performance data on your WordPress dashboard.

​Check the Plugin ​: WordPress.org

Best WordPress Free plugins -W3 total cache

W3 total cache

One of the 200 Google ranking factors is page speed. That means if you want to rank higher on Google, you need to make sure your site loads faster.

Think of yourself as a user, what will you do if you:

Search for something on Google, some results will show up, and then you click on the first result.

After clicking that result, it takes too much time to load.

Now tell me what you will do?

Will you wait for a long time? Or will you go back and click the second link?

Of course, most of the cases, you will click the second link, right?

The same things happen to your user. Even if your site is on the first of Google search results, but the site is slow, the user will go back and click the second link. It impacts the site badly for SEO. That is why your site has to be fast enough to load.

So what can you do to make your site load faster?

Well, you can use this W3 total cache plugin. This plugin will help you speed up your site and improve the user experience. You will wonder how good this plugin is after installation. That is why it has made its list on the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

​Check the Plugin ​: WordPress.org

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack

 ​If you are not interested in using Yoast SEO and want a more beginner-friendly SEO plugin, then surely you should consider this All in One SEO Pack. It is another most popular plugins for WordPress. As the name implies, it is an all in one pack for you.

It will automatically optimize your meta tag and title. At the same time, it helps you create sitemaps for your site and offers Google analytics support. Also, it will help you find out duplicate content. I hope you know the negative impact of duplicate content on your site.

As you can see, when you use this plugin, you can remove some of the other plugins easily since you are getting all the benefits in this one plugin.

The biggest advantage you will get is that it needs no experience to use. If you can just read, you can use this plugin to optimize your website. At the same time, you will get some advanced features in its pro mode for advanced SEO.

Get The Plugin here: WordPress.org

SEO Image Optimizer

SEO Optimized Images

​Content is the king for SEO, that is for sure. However, content is not perfect without a perfectly optimized image. You can improve the user experience by adding a simple photo or multiple relevant photos to your content.

However, the problem is that when you are a SEO marketer, you cannot simply add a photo to your content. Along with making the content optimized, you need to optimize the photo as well. When your photo is optimized, you can rank higher and also, get traffic from Google image search result as well.

But it is not possible to optimize all the images properly all the time. This plugin can help you avoid any kind of image related SEO mistake you may do. It will help improve your SEO and, at the same time, save your time too.

Get The Plugin here: WordPress.org

All In One Schema Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

​As an online marketer, you need to set yourself apart all the time. Similarly, your website should look different and more attractive in the search result as well. If you can do so, you will get more visitors easily.

But how can you customize the search engine result page?

Well, simply by adding this amazing All In One Schema Rich Snippets plugin to your WordPress website.

What will it do?

It will change the look of your website on the search result on Google.


You can show prices of the product below a product, star ratings under your product review, image or video next to the description, and many more.

Can you imagine the scenario? Your users will get attracted even more to click that title and, at the same time, get an idea about the content before even clicking the link.

This plugin is more important for the people who has an e-commerce website as users do not need to go to the page to know the basics about the page.

Get The Plugin here: WordPress.org

Premium SEO Pack – WordPress Free SEO Plugin

Premium SEO Pack

 ​If you ask me to give you a solution where you can do everything in one plugin, I will probably tell you about this plugin.

As the name implies, this plugin offers all the premium features you can expect from a plugin for your SEO.

You can simply optimize your image without installing another plugin to get more traffic. At the same time, you can improve your internal link building with this plugin, which is necessary for SEO; you know that.

This is not the end.

It handles the rich snippet as well that you can do by installing a separate plugin to make your website stand out on search results. Even it can handle 301 redirections as well so that you can redirect any page without any hassle.

What’s more?

You can do all your on-page optimization with this single plugin. It helps you optimize your content title, meta, and others. Besides, it handles 404 pages, Google Analytics, backlink builder, and SERP tracking.

So what do you think?

Isn’t it premium? Yes, it is.

Get The Plugin Here: Premium SEO Pack

WP Meta SEO By JoomUnited

Wp Meta SEO

 ​How can you check whether all the pages are well-optimized?

You can do it manually by checking every page on your site.

But what if you have thousands of pages?

Can you manually do it then?

Impossible, right?

Wp meta SEO can help you here. This plugin can optimize all the content at once. This plugin offers bulk SEO processing. This bulk editing process allows you to optimize all your content at once with a few clicks.

The best part about this SEO plugin is it’s easy to use dashboard. Even you are using it for the first time; you can use this plugin and optimize your content. All you need to do is to set the image size and select the content. This plugin will do the rest of the things.

Get The plugin here: Wp meta SEO

SEO by SQUIRRLY WP Free Plugins


 ​You should write and publish your content for the users, that’s for sure.

But what about the Google bot?

Shouldn’t you satisfy the bot?

Of course, you have to satisfy the bot to rank higher on Google. At the same time, you need to get good keywords to get even more traffic for your site.

But how can you write such content and get those keywords for your site?

Well, you can simply use SEO by SQUIRRLY.

This plugin can help you create content that is both user and bot friendly. As a result, you can easily get a higher rank on Google and get even more traffic.

Besides, with this plugin, you can get more keywords for your website that will be worthy of writing content for more traffic. Also, it offers weekly SEO audits and SEO related data and stats for your websites.

Do you know the best part of this website?

You can use this plugin with other plugins such as Yoast, and it will serve perfectly.

 Get the plugin Here: SEO by SQUIRRLY

Redirection – WordPress plugin


 ​Sometimes, you need to redirect your page to another page for better SEO. When doing that redirect, you have to keep the backlinks and other SEO aspects on the place. For that, you must need a plugin that is easy to use and can get the job done perfectly.

Redirection is the solution here. With this plugin, you can simply do 301 redirections easily with a few clicks. At the same time, this plugin tracks 404 errors and redirects them to the right page. For this simple and easy to use features, it is widely used by many SEO experts for their sites.

Check the Plugin here: Redirection

Search Results Web results  Easy Table of Contents – Free WordPress plugin

Easy Table of Contents

 ​The content should be user friendly; only then you will get a higher rank on Google. When it comes to good user experience, a table of content at the top of the content can help the user to perceive everything described in the content. However, creating a table of content is a pain for sure.

To ease your pain, here I am presenting the Easy Table of Contents. This plugin will allow you to automatically generate a table of content based on the heading tags you have used in your content.

Since this plugin breaks down the total content into a smaller part, it has a positive impact on ranking for sure.

Even you can customize the table of content to get a more precise and better look. You can set what types of the tag should be included in the table. At the same time, you can place the table where you want to. You can place it top of the content, middle of content, or bottom of the content. Even you can place it right after a particular tag if you want.

Get The Plugin Here: Easy Table of Contents

SEOPress – Free WP plugin

SEOPress ​

​When your concern is simplicity and getting a powerful all in one SEO plugin, you should consider the SEOPress all in one plugin. When you have this plugin, you can remove plugins that you have installed for description, meta title, image and content XML sitemaps, open graph support, redirects, and lots more.

This plugin comes with the easiest set up for the beginner. Even if you are an expert, you can use it for its premium features. When it comes to ease to use, it is surely one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress in the market.

One of the main reasons to choose this one over others all in one SEO is that it offers almost all the necessary SEO features at an affordable price. Another good reason is that even you are a free user, it will give you useful features without showing any add.

Get the plugin Here: SEOPress  

WP Rocket - WordPress Speed Plugin - WP Engine

WP Rocket

 ​We will end up out the plugin list with a plugin that can significantly improve the user experience of your website. This WP Rocket plugin is used to make your website fast. We have talked about the importance of the speed already, so you know how important it is.

However, what is special about this plugin is that it offers to lazyload features. That means it will enable caching to your website and, at the same time, make the site load faster to your user.

Download Here: ​WP Rocket ​



These are some best SEO plugins for WordPress site. A good quality SEO plugin is a must for your WordPress site to rank higher on Google and get more traffic. Without good plugins, it will tough for you to compete with the people who are already using these plugins.

One thing you need to make sure here that you should not use all those plugins at once. It will make your site heavy to load, and that can affect the loading speed. So you need to read this article once again and find out which plugins are suitable for you. Based on that, you should choose the right plugins for your website.

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